Technical protection of property

What we do

I offer professional alarms and cameras systems for home and busines.

My company I build on the experience in technical protection of property.

#SATEL alarmsysteem ( SMS, e-mail notifikation or ringtone for your phone, motion detection, 120dB, modern detectors, infrared barriers; control panel for smartphone, etc.)

#CCTV ( overwrite, motion detection, day/night, previev via internet or smartphone, best quality, HD)

Why us

Each client is for my individually.

Togheter we will find best solution for your home or office.

All devices I'm buying in Nederland with Dutch menu.

The best prices and best modern devices!

Get in contact

You can contact me by phone and e-mail.

For starters we arrange a meeting with a client to discuss the best solution for the protection of his property.

Alarmer - one man - many professions

The beginning of the adventure of the Polish-Dutch company, took place in January 2015.

Years worked in the home country, led me to realize self-development plans. I left seasonal work in greenhouses and started doing what I'm really good.

The main message of my business and the industry is technical protection of property. All the devices I order from the Dutch wholesaler in Purmerend.

But outside this industry, I deal with practically everything.

Starting from the construction work, the work of assembling, to service computers.

With the project can do almost anything. In Poland man one profession, will not earn too much. I wanted to know and be able more, so I carefully watched and practiced reinforce works, carpentry, assembling and many other industries.

I bought a high-quality tools. I bought a large company car.

Now I want to sell my services.

Call me - I will help you